I offer many creative and design services. Listed below are what I am hired to do most commonly, however, if you don’t see something listed, no worries, chances are I can help.

To see samples click on the portfolio page you would like to visit.


A professional logo is the first step in creating a unified identity program. All logos are built for multimedia use and include both color and black/white digital files in multiple file formats.

Print Design

Print is everywhere and you really need to see, feel, smell and touch it to appreciate the work. But since you can’t do that on the internet...yet, click "Print" and check out some of the pieces I’ve designed over the years to give a feel of the style and variety of work I do.

Packaging Design

Whoever said “you can’t judge a book by it’s cover” must have had a bad designer. When it comes to presenting your product, the packaging is the first thing your customers will see. Make a good first impression.

Billboard Design

Who doesn’t love the outdoors? It is literally all around us. Check out a few billboards I have done.

Large Format

Who says size doesn’t matter? Nothing says “look at me” like large format so I've included just a few examples of larger-than-life work. Think big! Be big!


Say cheese. Digital photography has brought an immediacy to the design field. No more rushing film to the lab in hopes of getting at least one good usable shot. Now point, shoot, approve and download. I love it.