Where do I begin? Seems like I’ve been in the graphic design business all my life in one fashion or another. I started my career long before the internet and when computers were nothing more than something we read about in Popular Mechanics. Long before scanners and digital cameras. 

I started Watermark in 2001 creating a hassle-free place where clients could get just what they wanted. From a simple business card to a full-blown media campaign...they choose how much or how little. As you browse my site you’ll get a feel for the varied type of work I do. I maintain a select client list so that I may attend to each ones immediate needs and I pride myself on my ability to offer truly personal service and a quick turnaround.

I live, and work from my home which I share with my wife Kathy and our two dogs. I’m an active member of the American Advertising Federation, the George A. Spiva Center for the Arts and the Joplin Regional Artists Coalition. I have a passion for music, art and golf and indulge in them every chance I get.

You should find everything you need to know about Watermark within the electronic pages of this site. Please continue to browse and give me a shout if I can help you with your next project.